Your Pole Barn Kit Questions, Answered!

Your Pole Barn Kit Questions, Answered!

July 18, 2023 by

Pole barns are highly useful structures that you can build quickly and affordably. That's especially true when you buy pole barn kit plans and materials that enable you to erect your own pole barn. You might be wondering how, so here are some commonly asked questions and answers.

Is There a Standard Size?

You can buy pole barn kit packages to build one of nearly any size or add on to an existing one. According to Love Home Designs, a pole barn's average size is 30 feet x 20 feet for 150 square feet of space. This size is a generally good starting point. Our team can help you figure out which kit is right for you and your needs.

How Is the Kit Cost Determined?

The cost to buy pole barn kit plans and materials is determined by the cost of the materials. These costs can fluctuate based on market conditions. The fewer materials that you require, the more affordable the pole barn kit becomes. we'd be happy to help you figure out how our kits will fit within your budget.

Do I Need to Hire a Post Frame Builder?

Pole barns require a frame and posts that hold up the roof and siding if you choose to add some. After you buy pole barn kit plans and materials, you should find a qualified contractor who's experienced at erecting pole barns to help with erecting the post frame that will support your build.

How Can I Prepare the Pole Barn Site?

It's very important to properly prepare a pole barn site before erecting your new barn. The ground should be leveled and compacted to help make it stable. You also might find it beneficial to add gravel or pour a concrete pad, depending on your intended use. Proper preparation helps to prevent settling, erosion, and mud on rainy days.

Can I Finance When I Buy Pole Barn Kit Materials?

Many lenders recognize the important role that outbuildings occupy when added to a property. Pole barns add value and are functionality to your property. They also might enable you to earn more money if it has a commercial purpose. This being said, it is possible to obtain financing for building a pole barn on your property.

You can call or visit us to learn more about how to buy pole barn kit plans and materials and save money on your planned pole bar. We'd be happy to help you find the right solution for you. Our crew will be able to answer questions you may have as well.

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