What Are the Best Materials in a Pole Barn?

What Are the Best Materials in a Pole Barn?

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The pole barn got its name from enterprising farmers who used old telephone and telegraph poles to create large, open, and covered spaces for machinery, livestock, and harvested crops. According to Love Home Designs, the average pole barn measures 20 feet by 30 feet. Pole barns no longer use old telephone poles, which superior materials have replaced. Here are some of the best materials to use to build pole barns.

Steel Trusses for Pole Barn Rooftops

Trusses hold up the roof and protect everything inside the pole barn, which makes them and their support pillars possibly the most important materials for a pole barn. Many people use wooden trusses, but steel trusses for pole barn construction are far superior. Our steel trusses for pole barn construction projects are manufactured in our warehouse. They are built from steel and are engineered for your custom pole barn. They also make it very easy to expand your pole barn in the future if you need more room.

Wood and Steel Posts Secure Trusses and Walls

The old telegraph and telephone poles set the standard for pole barn posts. Modern steel posts have surpassed them. You still can get wooden posts that work well and are treated to resist weathering and pests. Our posts are delivered by American lumber companies and treated with high-grade chemicals to ensure lifelong stability. Galvanized steel posts are another option that won't rot and degrade over time. Whether choosing treated wood or galvanized steel, modern posts are better than ever for pole barn construction.

Metal Roofing and Siding for a Superior Exterior

High winds and hail are just two possible dangers that could affect your pole building. Metal roofing and siding are the best defense against damage caused by weather while protecting your equipment, animals, or harvest that might be inside your pole barn. Our metal is fabricated in our warehouse and comes with a 25-year warranty with Galvalume metal and a 40-year warranty with painted metal. Stainless steel cap screws are provided with 29- and 26-gauge metal options. Metal roofing and siding are available in many colors and protective coatings to prevent corrosion.

You can call us at Deep South Pole Barn to learn more and order your steel trusses for pole barn projects and other materials to build the best pole barn for your needs.

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