Top Benefits of Using Pole Barns for Agricultural Storage

Top Benefits of Using Pole Barns for Agricultural Storage

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Pole barns are important structures that enable farmers and ranchers to store equipment, livestock, and feed. According to Angi, the term “pole barn” was coined during the Great Depression when farmers used telephone poles to build barns. The best pole barn builders can erect a variety of structures that suit many needs. Here’s a closer look at some of the top benefits of using a pole barn for ag storage.

Protect Against Weather

Protecting equipment, livestock, and feed against the weather is the primary purpose of pole barns. Instead of leaving them exposed to the elements, a pole barn puts a roof over them and can have siding that stops the weather from getting in from the sides. You could have a pole barn that just has a roof and is open on the sides or choose to close off one or more sides and have one or more large doors that give you plenty of access.

Minimize Pest Infestations

A fully enclosed pole barn helps to keep pests outside and away from your equipment and livestock. If you store feed or crops inside the pole barn until you need it or send it to market, the pole barn can help to keep rodents and other animals and pests away from it. You can protect against crop loss and make it harder for pests to affect your livestock and farming or ranching equipment.

Control Climatic Conditions

The best pole barn builders can install vents, windows, and equipment that help control the climate inside the pole barn. Vents and windows enable natural ventilation and make it easier to control the moisture and humidity levels in your pole barn. You also might install a heating system that makes the pole barn more comfortable for workers and livestock. The ability to protect against bad weather and unpleasant conditions makes pole barns the perfect structures for ag storage.

Protects Ag Equipment

You don’t want to leave tractors and other costly equipment in an unsecured location on your property. Doing that would invite others to steal your equipment or possibly vandalize it. When you park and store your farming or ranching equipment inside, visitors and passersby can’t see it. Storing your equipment where prying eyes can’t see it helps to protect against theft and vandalism that otherwise might occur.

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