4 Purposes of Steel Trusses for Pole Barns

4 Purposes of Steel Trusses for Pole Barns

April 21, 2023 by

Building a new pole barn can give your yard more storage capacity and keep it strong for years. As a result, you must make wise material decisions that keep this structure strong, such as installing steel trusses for pole barn designs. Doing so can provide many benefits that wood or other metals cannot. Here are the main reasons you should use steel trusses for your pole barn.

1. Support Your Pole Barn's Structure

Trusses help you shape the pole barn and define its structure. For example, high-quality steel trusses help produce your roof by creating a shape to which you can add your roofing. Just as importantly, trusses resist damage better than many other materials. That helps these structures retain their shape better and ensures it looks handsome after you're done building.

2. Help With Larger Barns

When building a larger pole barn, you might need steel trusses because you can't use a post-frame. That's because, according to Angi, a post-frame shouldn't be used for buildings taller than 20 feet. If your pole barn tops 20 feet, consider using steel trusses instead. They'll provide the long-term support your barn needs when you can't use a post-frame to support it.

3. Minimize Weather-Related Issues

Strong pole barns must withstand weathering issues for years, and steel trusses for pole barn construction can ensure yours stays strong. For example, steel resists snow and rain better than wood trusses and won't rust like other materials. Just as importantly, steel trusses protect against heavy wind storms, which might damage your pole barn without their support. That helps keep them strong and secure for your storage needs.

4. Improve Barn Stability

Lastly, steel trusses can improve your pole barn's stability. These trusses typically hold up pole barns more effectively and keep them from shifting position. Furthermore, they work better than wooden trusses to avoid problems with insects and pests. This way, they keep your barn more stable and prevent it from falling or experiencing severe damage.

These many uses make steel trusses for pole barn construction a smart investment for many people. If you're unsure how to make installations or need help with your trusses, Deep South Pole Barn is here to help. Our team of professionals can talk with you about your building and find building materials that make sense for you. In this way, you'll get the best support possible and avoid long-term complications.

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