Pole Barn Kits: What Size Is Best for Your Property?

Pole Barn Kits: What Size Is Best for Your Property?

April 18, 2023 by

Pole barns are a great solution if you want to build something quickly, but there are lots of options available. If you're looking at pole barn kits, here are some tips for helping you choose the right size kit for your project.

Which Size Is Most Popular?

You can start by looking at which pole barn sizes other people are using for their projects. Every project is different and you might need something a little larger or smaller, but there are some common sizes that people tend to use. According to Love Home Designs, the average size of a pole barn is 20 x 30 feet. You might want to go with something a little bigger depending on your project, or you can go with a smaller pole barn if you've got limited space.

What Sizes Are Available?

One of the best parts about pole barns is that they're available in such a wide range of sizes. Average pole barn kits are 20 x 30 feet, but you can find pole barns as small as 10 x 20 feet and as large as 90 x 200 feet. The wide range of sizes means you can use a pole barn to build everything from a massive shop with space for several cars to a small covered area with a few picnic tables.

Choosing the Right Size

It can be tough to figure out which pole barn size is best for your project, but you should start by measuring and figuring out how much space you're going to need inside. If you've got a 12-foot shelf you want to put next to your workbench, figure out how long you want your workbench to be and make sure you've got enough space for both. It's always a good idea to leave yourself a little more room than you think you need, especially if you might want to add something down the road.

When it comes to quick construction, pole barns are one of the best options. Pole barns are quick and fairly easy to build, and they can be used for just about anything you can imagine. If you need help choosing between the different sizes of pole barn kits, call Deep South Pole Barn and we'll help you find the right size.

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