Does the Time of Year Matter When Using Pole Building Kits?

Does the Time of Year Matter When Using Pole Building Kits?

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You’ve decided to have a pole barn built on your property. This is a great investment. Your next big decision will be when you should proceed with the building process. According to the experts at Angi, when the soil quality is too poor or wet, post-frame construction will not be a great option. Let’s look into further details of when you should build using your pole-building kits.

Spring Is a Good Choice

Spring is considered by many to be an acceptable to build a pole barn. If you’re using a post frame builder to assist with the barn, this is a good time to schedule. Spring often results in a lower backlog so they might have more flexibility to get on your job site and get your barn ready.

Although this is a good time to build, you should remember that the ground will need a head start on site prep. This is a time of year in which excavators are in high demand. Wet conditions in some parts of the country can also make this a difficult time for moving dirt around. So, it’s best to get your site ready ahead of time.

Summer Is Best

Although spring is acceptable for building, summer is by far your best option. Along with many other outdoor activities, summer proves to be a great time for construction. However, you should keep in mind that since this is such a good time to build, pole barn builders are extremely busy this time of year. There will be backlogs and waiting. Building in summer may be ideal, but planning that build should be done far in advance. Connect with pole barn builders several months before you intend to start construction.

Higher Availability in the Fall

Although summer is ideal for weather conditions, fall is a close runner-up. Fall may be preferred since you’re more likely to have pole builders with flexibility in their schedule. With less work on the agenda, your professionals can pay more attention to your project. You should keep a close eye on the weather, though, as it can change rapidly during the fall.

These are just a few things to consider when planning to use pole building kits. If you’d like to learn more about pole barns, please contact Deep South Pole Barn today.

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