Adding These 5 Features Will Increase the ROI of Your Pole Barn

Adding These 5 Features Will Increase the ROI of Your Pole Barn

March 16, 2023 by

Adding a pole barn to your property will always increase the value of your property. However, the type of structure and the features included will help determine how high your return on investment is. If you want to increase the ROI of your pole barn, you should make the following considerations.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Additional space will increase property value, but you must go beyond that to see a hefty ROI. Take the time to work with a company with experience designing and building pole barns to ensure that it increases curb appeal. A visually appealing structure is considered worth more than one that is not. Companies that construct these buildings can work with you to customize the exterior, ensuring that it looks gorgeous.

2. Foundation

Various styles of pole barns exist. Some look more like a standard garage, while others resemble a gazebo. The latter doesn't have a foundation, which decreases your ROI. Instead, spend a few extra dollars for one with a foundation to increase its value.

3. Insulation

An insulated structure provides more convenience for future owners because it allows them to use it in various ways. For example, it could be a garage, additional storage space, a man cave, or a she-shed. Structures that lack insulation are less comfortable because the temperature is the same as outside, hurting their value.

4. Electricity

Spending the time or money to install electricity in your building is one of the best ways to increase your return on investment. According to Bob Vila, one with electricity, a foundation, and insulation has a return on investment of up to 80%.

5. Flooring

Homeowners that don't plan to use their barn as a garage are encouraged to add flooring, just as they would a house. This helps eliminate the industrial look in the structure, making it appear more like a cozy nook instead of a garage. Flooring will increase the value of the structure and make it more appealing.

Designing a pole barn can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Deep South Pole Barns is always available to answer any questions that you have. Our building kits offer easy assembly, especially when you employ our licensed contractor for installation. Give us a call today!

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