5 of the Top Paint Color Choices Pole Barn Builders See

5 of the Top Paint Color Choices Pole Barn Builders See

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Pole barn builders remain in popular demand as more people learn how to use a pole barn. These structures include a barn, personal shed, guest rooms, etc. However, many homeowners choose to paint their barns. According to Home Advisor, the paint job costs $400-$2,000, but it's well worth it. These are the most popular colors builders see.

1. Black and White

Black and white provides a modern aesthetic that instantly complements a contemporary-themed home. However, you won't see checkered pole barns. Instead, many homeowners paint the bottom half or a few feet black and the rest of the pole barn white. This creates the perfect balance of color.

2. Classic Barn Red

Homeowners who plan to use their pole barn as an actual barn often ask pole barn builders to paint the barn a classic barn red. This completes the traditional look of the barn and lets everyone know what the building is used for. This color is standard among homeowners with a country-themed home or own farm.

3. Gorgeous Blues

While traditional and contemporary colors remain popular, you can't ignore the constant trend of painting buildings blue. Navy blue instantly adds an element of sophistication, hence why many homeowners enjoy this modern trend. Medium color blues increase energy and are also trending. Opt for a shade between sky blue and navy blue to enjoy this beautiful color.

4. Nice Earth Tones

Earth tones continue to trend in both interior and exterior decorating. This trend doesn't show signs of going out of style, so you can rest easy if you choose one of the paint colors. Brown is famous for homeowners who want to enjoy a more natural color. Sage green and terracotta are also popular colors. These shades are great for anyone who loves the outdoors.

5. Neutral Greys

Grey is a beautiful color choice that will not stay in style. It blends seamlessly with every decorating style. Grey can be used for pole barns that store horses or a modern office space. The versatility of grey or greige makes it the perfect selection for homeowners who plan to sell their homes later. Potential buyers will appreciate that they can use the space for anything.

As pole barn builders, we understand it's essential for your pole barn to reflect your style. It should have the aesthetic appeal you want. Contact Deep South Pole Barn today to learn more about our services.

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