4 Uses For a New Pole Barn

4 Uses For a New Pole Barn

January 02, 2024 by

Have you ever heard of a pole barn? It's a type of building that uses a pole barn steel truss to support the walls and ceilings. If you're trying to expand your property in the new year, here are some uses for a new pole barn.

1. Storage Space

Is your main home becoming cluttered? Are you considering giving some things away, but aren't quite there yet? If so, you may want to build a pole barn to store items you can't part ways with just yet. A pole barn structure is also ideal for seasonal storage, such as bulky holiday decorations and lights, as well as gardening and lawn care products.

2. Garage

Is your two-car garage not enough to store all the vehicles you have or plan to buy? According to Bob Vila, interior columns are most commonly placed eight feet apart but can be spaced further using girder trusses if needed. Thanks to how you can customize a pole barn, you can create a wide enough entryway to support as many cars as you need. Then, you can have a comfortable spot on your property to tinker away at your vehicles.

3. Workshop

Speaking of tinkering away, you may want to use a pole barn for a workshop. Whether you have a hobby that involves painting, metalsmithing, or woodworking, you may need a designated space. With the sturdiness of a pole barn steel truss, you can create a structure that can house all your workshop needs. Store all your supplies in an organized fashion like you've always wanted to!

4. Guest House

Do you frequently have family and friends stay, even when the holiday season is over? If so, you may want a designated space where they can comfortably stay so everyone can have their privacy. You can customize your pole barn with electricity, furniture, and anything needed to make it a comfortable, designated living space.

Thanks to the sturdiness of a pole barn steel truss, you have many ways to use this structure on your property. Whatever you need, a customizable pole barn can be useful. Contact our experienced and reliable team at Deep South Pole Barn today! We offer the best pole barn packages as well as construction services.

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